• Arbor will staff every assignment with at least one senior level advisor. The decision to transact is a significant one, and choosing a broker shouldn’t feel like gambling.


  • Arbor has a strict internal policy of clients before transactions. This was designed to reduce stress on you by eliminating the pushy salesmen associated with our industry.  And we believe that a few less pushy salesmen in any industry are a good thing.


  • Arbor is committed to delivering total transparency of the process, performance, and analytics with our clients on every single assignment. We are an extension of you, and we’re here to help you execute and make more informed decisions. This is impossible on incomplete information.


  • Our internal fee structure is set up to eliminate self-serving​ advice from commission based sales people.


  • The people you hire will be the people who execute your assignment. You will not be closed by senior staff members then handed off to junior ones like some other companies. Where we come from that is called a bait and switch.