Our Advantage At A Glance

Arbor is designed to meet the challenges facing commercial real estate brokers by combining the support and transactional capacity of a large firm, with the focus and dexterity of a boutique. This starts with providing the following resources:

True Office Anywhere Capacity
All of our systems are configured to give you full voice, file, and email connectivity anywhere on the planet you have an internet connection.
Standardized CRM
Know who has relationships with who, and what the last touch point with the client was, so you can connect the dots more quickly and do deals more easily.
Robust Digital Marketing Suite
Our systems bring science and accountability to your marketing process so you can focus your attention on the human elements in a transaction, not the administrative ones.
Digital Media Suite
The things you need to promote and grow your business including photography, video, podcasts, webinars, graphics, online advertising support, and more.
Institutional Grade Financial Analysis Software

We provide access to everything from basic financial analysis templates all the way up to Argus Enterprise.

Gold Standard Research Programs
Arbor utilizes and provides to its Brokers only the best sources for research, analysis, and comps.
Principal Support
We are the first brokerage company to offer full syndication support to our more senior agents.
Broker & Client Friendly Fee Splits
Fees are important, but not more important than clients. Broadly, our internal fee structures are arranged to help agents keep more of their money faster, and clients get better service on their assets.