Investment property owners have enough worries. Whether their leasing representatives are aggressively pursuing tenants for their vacant spaces shouldn’t be one.

Investment property owners have enough worries. Whether their leasing representatives are aggressively pursuing tenants for their vacant spaces shouldn’t be one.





Arbor delivers our clients the marketplace’s most informed, aggressive and technologically advanced investment sales platform.

Our platform has been built to exceed both typical big firm systems and off the shelf 3rd party applications utilized by traditional brokerage companies who lack a cohesive, company-wide corporate level marketing and contact management platforms.

Arbor’s Marketsense System is designed for how transactional brokerage assignments and the brokerage continuum as a whole are completed. This system was designed by experts in E-Commerce and cast using the lessons learned from over $5.5 billion in successful investment sale closings.

We utilize a proprietary combination of software systems, including AI, that is built atop the markets most advanced big data-driven prospect engagement, emarketing, and contact & inventory management systems.

This marriage between highly experienced agents trained in brokerage, financial and market analysis, salesmanship and the application and use of our technology package allows our team as a whole to execute more efficiently, and consistently.

This digital assistance allows our team to focus on people rather than process improving our client's experience and ensuring their needs are understood and met while their assignments are executed aggressively, thoroughly, transparently and with precision.


Aggressive, fully networked, and specialized agency leasing is a crucial element of the success of clients’ investment strategies. Our professionals understand that the requirements of institutional, corporate, and entrepreneurial property owners, although unique, all revolve around the same goal: To attract the highest quality tenant, at the best terms, in the least amount of time. This principle is the cornerstone of our leasing strategy.

For retail properties, our focus revolves around complementary co-tenancy, high exposure, and delivering soft anchors for urban retail.

Our focus in office properties revolves around synergy between other tenants and retailers to create environments that are sustainable and lead to better tenant retention.

Arbor agency leasing teams specialize in providing proactive leasing solutions that make the most out of any vacancy. We maintain an extensive database of brokers and tenants across all sizes, types, and credit classes, allowing us to quickly broadcast availability to the most likely prospects.

From active canvassing to online mediums, we provide our clients with real market intelligence to help with strategically positioning a property to make the most of market conditions. Our team takes an ownership approach to leasing that involves more than just online marketing, signage, prospective tenants, and vacant space. We analyze demographics, provide market research and perform financial modeling to unlock market leading value for our clients that can increase the quantity, quality, and durability of their cash flows.



Our tenant representation services start by understanding the complex requirements of the client’s company. We source solutions to fit their requirements as do other firms, but what happens next is unique to us. We put on the landlord shoes, using our capital markets and investment sales experts to understand everything about the owners with whom we are about to negotiate at both the property and portfolio level. Having represented billions of dollars of investment sales transactions, our team understands landlord motivation as well as property and debt cycles, and we use this understanding to deliver the best results to our clients who seek to acquire or lease space.

We help companies to make smart lease, purchase, and sale decisions by combining expertise not just in the tenant representation field but also in capital markets, investment sales, and property management. This approach is unique as it takes into account not only physical things like exposure, image, and operating environment, but also operational things like rent, taxes, and building expenses.


Our team is dedicated to providing the most aggressive capital solutions to owners and investors in commercial property.

From owner-user sales to complex cross-collateralized interstate portfolios, we have the experience, relationships, and creative thinking to help clients achieve their goals, whether through loan originations, equity placement, lender negotiations, note sales, asset stabilization, DCF valuation, or consultation.

By combining expertise in investment sales, capital markets, and up to the minute local trends, we provide an unsurpassed knowledge of how capital views the marketplace. With access to a deep pool of lenders and investors, we dedicate ourselves to identifying and delivering the best capital markets solution for each client's unique situation.



We understand better than anybody that a client’s trust is the lifeblood of any business and that effectively executing on the client’s behalf is paramount.

In providing resources to legal and financial professionals, our goal is to save you time, save your clients’ money and improve the overall experience and execution of each transaction by allowing you to leverage not only our specialized knowledge base, but also to utilize the intelligence existing in our broad real estate network.

We provide transactional support through our investment sales, leasing, and management teams and non-transactional support through our research department and advisory services.



When properly executed, the 1031 exchange is an extraordinary vehicle for rapid and sustained wealth creation. Our exclusive 1031 program focuses on minimizing risks of an unfavorable result by focusing on a measured and hands on approach from before the client's downleg ever goes to market. We thoroughly understand the objectives of the client from location, to product type, and cash flow requirements, then compare those to the marketplace to ensure goals can be met or exceeded by consummating the transactions in the first place.

Once this preliminary phase has been completed, we simultaneously market the downleg while sourcing the upleg using a proven process developed by handling over 100 exchanges in our careers. There is a reason our clients will only exchange with us on their team. Find out why below.

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